Summer Outfits That Are Definitely Not Too Warm to Wear

You know that feeling in summer where you’ve worn the wrong outfit and now you are sweating the entire day? Well, what if I could tell you that some outfits will always be a winner in terms of keeping you cool and fashionable during the day! I have compiled four of my favourite outfits to wear in summer when the heat gets too much for me, so here we go.



This is a super comfy and no-fuss outfit for summer days. The co-ords that I am talking about are the shorts and crop top combination which not only look mega cute, but they are light and airy for a sweltering hot day! Matching outfits have never been cooler! I love how most of them come in vibrant and beautiful colours, so you feel super confident and pretty in them, as well as not having to worry about sweating all day. The materials used are thin and breathable and the best thing is that most of them have elastic in the waist or top, so it expands with you during a hot day.



I guess this could be compared to the co-ord where it is a similar look and style but instead of two pieces of clothing, it is all in one. This is one of my favourites looks because the outfit always stays in the same place and doesn’t wriggle, it is fun and sporty, and I always stay cool and comfortable. I usually play football at the beach in this outfit or other sports like volleyball because like I said earlier it doesn’t really move around your body, so you remain comfortable for the whole day. The only small issue with this outfit I would say is that if you need to go to the toilet you have to fully take it all off and then put it back on again after, so a little bit inconvenient because of this but worth it for a cool and sporty look.



This is an obvious choice because it is one of the most predominant pieces of clothing, you’ll see during the summer season. Summer dresses have been adapted over time to create cool clothes that will ensure that you are not sweating your socks off on the hottest of days. Dresses come in so many different styles from long maxi dresses to cover your legs from the heat, midi dresses if you are insecure about your legs and mini dress that are great if you want a tan and to keep yourself cool. So, although a dress is an obvious choice for summer it is also a brilliant choice!



This is one of the best things that have come back into fashion in recent years! We all know in summer occasionally we get horrible chaffing at the top of our legs from sweat after being outside in a boiling hot day, well culottes solve this issue. They are long floaty trousers that hold loose around your legs, and very often have an elastic waistband to accommodate for expansion during a hot day. They are great to go for walks, for a summery evening meal, or just chilling in your garden because as well as being super comfortable they are usually made of great materials that are gentle to the skin but do not cause a lot of sweat from a hot day. They are perfect for people who do not like wearing skirts, dresses, or showing too much skin on a summer day but still want to look fabulous and feel confident out in the sun.


There are so many outfits that are not too warm for summer, and these are just a few, can you name any more that you know? Let me know down in the comments and share with other people!