4 Different Kinds of Scarfs to Keep You Warm

As it gets into the winter months, we need to start thinking about how we can both wrap up warm and look great. A scarf is a perfect way to achieve it as they come in so many different styles and designs that suit every individual perfectly. I hope that one of these scarves from my collection will inspire your fashion look this winter.



The snood is an amazing invention that should be reserved for the coldest of winter days. The beauty of a snood is that it can be wrapped around your neck as well as covering your head, meaning that it protects your ears and head from a blustery winter day. The only reason why a snood should not be worn on a milder day is that it is quite a thick scarf and generates a lot of heat when worn, so although it’s not perfect for these days on a particularly frosty day it would be fantastic. However, it looks great with so many different outfits and you can get them in various materials and colors to suit your personality.



A cowl scarf is like a snood except it does not go around the head, it simply stays around the neck to keep that area of the body warm. Often these scarves have cute buttons added onto them to add a bit of extra flair to the look and make it look a bit more interesting rather than just a circular scarf. Also, I weirdly think it adds something chic to the look, especially if you are wearing a trench coat or something like this.



This is more of your classic type of scarf that you see. It is one that you tie around your neck and then you have the two ends dangling down the front of your body. It is a functional scarf that you can easily open and let loose down your body or wrap it around as many times you like depending on the temperature outside. It looks amazing with coats and jumpers and there are countless designs that will go with anything in your wardrobe. This is perhaps the least adventurous scarf but why hate on a classic! It still works and its function of keeping you warm is guaranteed.



This is self-explanatory it is a buff-styled scarf that has two of the thin ends hanging down the sides of the triangle. This covers your whole body, so it serves the great purpose of keeping you completely warm during winter. You could wear this scarf with just a jumper on a more temperate day instead of being boiling in a thick winter coat. Most of the triangle scarf styles are a bit more indie however it also comes in a variety of different styles and ranges, which is great for various occasions. I would wear this style of the scarf with daytime attire rather than a smart outfit because it is edgier and does not suit a classy look as much as maybe the muffler would.


There are so many other types of scarves too from shawls to headscarves, so pick a few and maybe mix and match them with different outfits to serve your fashion purpose. I don’t like every style of scarf because some annoy me or don’t suit my personality, so you will not like every single one, but trying them on in-store is easy and you can find the perfect one for you during the next winter season. Also, remember that a scarf is not complete without a cute jumper or winter coat, so why not hit the mall and get your style this season!