The Latest Fashions: Top to Bottom and Everywhere In-between

Fashions come and go, so many of today’s fashions will be the same as those witnessed from the past. If we were not there, then we can see the fashions in magazines or on old television footage. Fashion designers all take their inspiration from somewhere. In a modern sense, it may be from a student who has put two items together by way of a personal transformation challenge and ended up with something both functional for college and pleasing to the eye in style.



If you ask anyone in fashion, the items that remain the most popular are ladies’ fashion tops. They can be blended with any item below and look good.

Fashion tops currently trending include cropped mini tops, curvy jeans tops, lace tops, frock tops, loose straight tops, and simply loose tops.

Cropped mini tops can also include the off-the-shoulder variety. They represent an item of clothing that is both expressive and sensual. They are the perfect top for young women to wear with either a mini skirt or shorts and so perfect beach or nightclub wear. Young women can experiment with finding ones that have a different pattern, are of differing lengths in terms of their sleeve, and are of color to suit what is being worn below.

Trending for men at the moment has to be the idea of wearing a jacket with an open shirt rather than bringing a tie to the party. This is now considered the ideal look for business as much as it is for parties. Certainly, it is more comfortable without a tie that can be so restrictive around the neck, whatever the weather and however loosely the knot has been tied.



Many women are seeing shorts as an alternative to wearing a short skirt. No longer do they then feel the need to wear a bathing costume underneath. The shorts in that respect offer greater freedoms.

Shorts are nothing new because in the 1930s they were being worn by both men and women as casual wear. Bermuda or the longer thigh-length shorts are currently the most popular kind of shorts for men to wear, with the short shorts the choice of women. Cut-offs represent a popular fashion statement in wanting to appear more casual. Nobody has to cut full-length denim jeans themselves anymore because clothing is being manufactured with not only holes in strategic places but as cut-offs. It has become a fashion in its own right. Long may we continue to embrace a look that surprised many when it first appeared on the streets.


Belts can represent a fashion statement just as much as an article of clothing can. Normally speaking, the man will have the wider belt, and the lady the more petite one when dressing up. However, a wider belt can make a statement of its own when worn in the middle of an otherwise plain single-colored dress. It can also sparkle if a woman so wishes it to. It can act as a support as well as being about the fashion look desired.



For men, shoes tend to be heavier in construction and have more grips on their soles. Most of them might incorporate shoelaces or insoles like the ones found at Tread Labs to get more comfortable during their work period. Also, slip-on shoes are still in fashion and seen as convenient and comfortable. They need to fit better than lace-ups, though, to avoid slipping, if someone is a half-size and relies on insoles as a corrective measure.

For a lady, there is always that choice between flats and heels, and more often than not, a compromise is made between the two. Apparently, clear heels are going out of style for the summer of 2021 but platform heels are still going strong and very much in vogue. Platform heels can, of course, be thin or wide. It depends on how much you have lost practice walking in them because of having to stay at home during the pandemic.


So, that is our short top-to-bottom journey of fashion complete.