Lip Fillers – The Good and The Bad

Plastic surgery gets a lot of negative feedback from the media. What many people fail to see, however, is that cosmetic surgery can make someone feel so much more comfortable with themselves and allow them to be the person that they feel on the inside. So today we are diving into whether you should personally get lip fillers, showing the positives and negatives of getting them done.

Lip fillers are a way for people to get fuller and plumper lips, for people who feel that they have small or thin lips and feel insecure about them. The most common filler that places like 4Ever Young Anti Aging Solutions – Wellington will use is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that is found within the body and can increase the volume of someone’s lips. This type of filler will shape the lip tissue as well as give the plastic surgeon more control over the size of the lips and how they can reduce bruising and bumps, as well as ensuring the client gets long-lasting results. It is also very unlikely that people will get an allergic reaction from this substance, although it can happen so people are told to keep an eye on allergy symptoms they may be having after the treatment. Furthermore, the best way to avoid issues if you are getting fillers is to use a known surgeon with a proven track record of great results like Dr David Shokrian.


As with any process, there will always be positives and negatives, so we’ll start off on a positive note and give you the benefits of using lip filler injections.

  • Painless and Quick – the process does not take long at all, and people barely notice the injection going into their lips. Many people prefer to close their eyes because they do not like looking at needles but have to be told to open them because they don’t realize they have finished! There is nothing better than getting a quick fix to insecurity!
  • Not Just About Appearance – there are more benefits to lip fillers (or Fillers Läppar, if you are Swedish) than making someone feel more comfortable about their appearance. It has been shown that it can also relax muscle pain and make your lips and in turn, your face feels more relaxed, therefore improving your happiness overall.
  • Cheaper – they cost much less than lip implants and if you decide that you don’t want to fill your lips in the future you can stop at no extra risk to your face looking any different. The fillers do need topping up after a certain period of time showing how if you stopped getting them your lips would return back to normal after a little while, so it’s worth giving it a go if you have been thinking about it for some time. To find out how much these procedures may cost, you can check out websites like


Whenever you do any kind of process to your body it is important to get educated on the possible outcomes. So here are some negatives of lip fillers that may make you change your mind.

  • Bad Results – sometimes you may come away from your lip filler appointment and feel that they are not what you imagined, or your lips weren’t shaped in the right way. In this case, it might take a few attempts to even get your desired results and in the interim, you will be walking around with lips that you are really not happy to have. Talking to your doctor in detail should help to get this right but sometimes fillers have a mind of their own and there is no sure way to see how your body will react to them.
  • Bruising – you may get sore lips after having injections from the bruising caused. Some people get very minimal bruising whereas others could get a lot, so it is very individual to every person. If you don’t mind having sore lips and bruising, there is nothing to worry about but if this is something you really would not be able to cope with then maybe give it a second think.
  • Temporary – lip fillers are a temporary solution and therefore when they start to dissolve, they may do in a very uneven way that you feel uncomfortable with, so it is important to be prepared with having uneven lips for a week or so. The upkeep of lip fillers is sometimes a big turn-off for people so make sure you are prepared to treat this process as any other commitment for the best results all year round.

To conclude, before you do any kind of cosmetic surgery it is vital that you ask loads of questions and do your research so that you are aware of the risks and negatives that you may not like from that form of plastic surgery. Doctors are always happy to answer your questions so ask!