Overcoming College Blues

A lot of researches reveal that students learn less, and retain less, once they under pressure. With ever-rising blues or pressure on today’s students to do well academically while signing on to a full schedule of activities socially, pressure and blues have become a raging college epidemic. The resulting pressure can cause students to develop deficiencies in learning, miss assignments, underachieve, cut classes, or worse, quit learning.

And it affects everyone: students, parents, schools, and faculty members. To help students combat college blues, here are the things they have to consider.

Work Before Play

Spare time is better enjoyed once it follows a time of hard work. However, putting off your work to have fun first is wrong. Instead of easing the pressure, it can worsen the condition as you made a mindful choice to fall behind. The prospect of taken-for-granted work to make up can wear down your fun. Avoid allowing others to lure you away from appointed works, either most especially students, as they are prone to this. The hard work must come first before the prize comes to the study/play cycle.

Study in a Short and Frequent Intervals

It doesn’t matter if it is a career training program or schoolwork, marathon study and overnight cramming study sessions are not productive. Most of the time, you will easily forget the material. Never allow it to reach that level. Study or learn as you go along- in a short and frequent interval. Doing this will keep the material fresh in your mind, so you will not waste time relearning them. Your review session will be less stressful and faster. You will be assured of knowing the information long after the final test. Learn as you go. You will study less and retain a lot. There is no point in making yourself crazy.

Don’t Allow People Waste Your Valuable Time.

A lot of students don’t have stress empathy. They see that you are wholly crazed yet, unnecessarily break you off, get in the way, engage in a small talk, and otherwise make irritation of themselves. Often, these are people you room with and do not want to hurt somebody’s feelings. Be diplomatic, be civil, but firmly communicate the message you are a way to hectic to network. Seek commiseration: “Look at your timepiece and exclaim: You will have to excuse me. If this doesn’t work, just ask them to assist you with your homework. That is right. Ask assistance. Usually, it will eliminate them or simply may pitch in. In any case, utilize ingenuity and have a good evasive method available always. There is no need to make yourself crazy.

Do Not Be Driven to Distraction Most Especially Internet

The website is able to soak up valuable time very insidiously; you are often not aware of it how an easy online task can result to taking up more hours. Be wise. Devise the plan of attack prior to going on, and you need to stick with it. Do not be lured by enticing links or let you drift about aimlessly. Just log in and search for what you need, and leave. Make the internet more efficient, timesaving avenue it was intended to be, and save surfing and browsing for free hours.

Get Acquainted with Roommates

Never expect to be good friends with them immediately or after the first meeting. Make an effort to break the ice and make a friendly as well as very welcoming atmosphere for all. Overcoming obstacles in college life can be made simpler if you are on good terms with those in the immediate circle. They just may be able to give you the help you want in the future. For example, if you have a roommate who is in the senior year, you can gift him/her Jostens keepsakes and gifts for seniors like apparel, tassel souvenirs, or jewelry. This could not only portray your affection for them but also help you to be on good terms with them.

Do Things that need to be Done

However, this must be automatic for a lot of reasons; we will put off more essential as well as pressing things to handle first lesser priorities. Not just does it leave that thin hanging over you, it also deprives you of the energy and time you will need to do the vital school tasks. Every day, take some time to think of what task or project would make sense to get out of the way. Meet it without becoming sidetracked or without trying to press anything else in between. Your next move is to go on to the most essential and see the blues away.