All You Need to Know About Onesies for Adults

A onesie or jumpsuit can be worn by adults as well as children. It is convenient to have an all-in-one outfit to relax in. They are seen as trendy, too. More and more people are wearing them, so there are fewer places that you will feel self-conscious about wearing one yourself.

If you would like to buy your very own onesie then there are thousands available online to purchase whenever you like. You just need to find the size and design that suits you – whether it’s a plain red onesie or a dinosaur! If you are going to be buying it online, be sure to check sites like as they have hundreds of coupons that may be able to save you money on your purchase.

History of Onesies

The idea of onesies dates to 1800. In Utica, New York, they were called union suits. The first of these was invented for women as a much more practical alternative to their traditional Victorian clothing. By the mid-1800s, it was widely known that women achieved more comfort from them. Today, both genders and different age groups are benefitting from the comfort onesies have to offer over other forms of clothing.

Sir Winston Churchill has also been credited with the invention of the onesie. The “siren suit” designed by him during the Second World War resembles the onesie.

In the 1950s, Walter Artzt’s BabyGro would make an impression on the infant clothing market. They have now become a typical baby shower present. Their use with infants has also resulted more recently in adults starting to think again about how they could make use of a onesie that is a comfortable, convenient, and casual form of clothing.

When Can I Wear My Onesie?

Generally speaking, onesies will be worn for relaxing or sleeping in. You cannot class them as formal in any regard. They are a casual form of clothing. This is why they are so comfortable to wear.

Onesies, apart from being comfortable to wear around the home, are now also worn by many adults when they go out to bars and attend less formal parties or raves. Many are designer in style. Some are even being customized to achieve the desired look.

In warm weather, one layer of a cotton onesie will suffice. They are breathable, so they will not make you sweat any more than other forms of comparable clothing.

Onesies tend to be comfortable for all because whatever material they are made from, they will hang freely, be roomy, and be good for moving about in. They are perfect for adopting a sitting or upright position.

Celebrities Who Wear Onesies

Famous pop stars who wear onesies include Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, Miley Cyrus, Perry Edwards, JLS, One Direction Rita Ora, and Rhianna. So, nobody is going to think that you are out of place when those in the public eye are going outside in their onesies.

With celebrities embracing onesies, it goes beyond comfort and turns into a fashion statement. So, the future is looking good for onesies. They can be obtained online and from many fashion stores on the high street. The demand is there and fashion retailers are stocking them to satisfy the different age groups.

Family Bonding

It can help with family bonding to have everyone from the children to the adults wearing a onesie. Couples can both have them and feel comfortable when snuggling up together. Onesies take away the formality of an occasion or meeting.

So, it is interesting to discover how onesies have been used through history and why they continue to be so popular. Whole families will choose to wear them as a comfortable form of clothing that they can relax in, sleep in, and even go out in where there is not too much formality expected. We can share the mutual experience of comfort as we all wear onesies around each other and feel that bit cosier as a result. Long may the onesie reign superior as a form of fashion.

If you are looking to buy a onesie then online is a good place to start. They can be considered both a trendy and practical clothing solution for adults.