Studying at College When You Have Chronic Pain: How to Cope

If we have the eagerness and perseverance to study at the college level, but we have some conditions like chronic pain, then we don’t lose hope. Instead, let’s find ways on how to cope with our condition while sending ourselves to school. There are still some other ways on how we can learn more from our chosen courses even though we’re experiencing some impediments like chronic pain.

Let’s change our mindset from being pessimistic to optimistic ones, especially if we think our condition may hinder our learning capabilities. If we have chronic pain, and we would like to study at college, then below are the suggested things and tips that we need to inculcate in our minds:

  • Consider a part-time study – Some universities and colleges offer a part-time program in school. So, it would be better to enroll in this kind of program. If we think that we can barely manage a full-time program offered at school, then push ourselves to enroll in this program. What is important is that we tend to move forward, and we have the eagerness to study or learn something.
  • Contact the disability services in the institution – The first thing that we need to do when applying to colleges and universities is to check out the disability services of the institution. Then, it’s also important to know how the application procedures are being done. The disability services would help us to do the procedures for enrolment. Thus, they will also give us an extra hand once we’re already in school for actual learning. Of course, we need to be open to the school about our medical conditions so that they can provide the best needs that would aid our condition while in the institution.
  • Always make sure that we have our medication – We often forget to bring our medication to school because of busy days and schedules. So, always have a reminder to place our medication inside our bag. If a doctor has not prescribed pain meds, let them know how pain is hindering our daily life. They might ask us to take Oxycodone or a similar medicine. Moreover, we can also search online for the street value of Oxycodone to get the meds at a cheaper rate. This medication can help us be attentive in school because we are not affected by our condition.

    We can also opt for an alternative medication route with herbal meds or CBD products, for that we can look here to learn more. We might have to try these before using them in college classes to make sure they have the desired effect so studies won’t get interrupted. It may also be a good idea to get in touch with a doctor before trying any of these alternate medications. To know more, check sites like Mellow.

  • Explore our campus and look for a place where we can rest between class sessions – If we don’t live near the institution, this tip would be very useful. We need to find a specific place where we can relax while waiting for the next subject. For me, one of the best spots in school where I can relax in the library. Since this place is tranquil and free from noises and interactions, I can think well while reading some interesting books. It also makes me comfortable while I’m waiting for the next class sessions or meetings. If the university or school has the best spot where fresh air and a conducive place to relax, feel free to stay here for a while. Perhaps we can stay under the tree while sitting on the bench, enjoying the fresh air, and reviewing our notes. These would help us to become relax while we are inside the institution.
  • Always stay hydrated – This suggestion is always helpful to us. We can have at least one bottle of water inside our bag if we need water to satisfy our thirst. Even though staying hydrated will not cure our conditions, it helps us feel better. According to studies, water is important to maintain the good function of our brain cells, which are responsible for the memory process and thinking procedures.
  • Utilize an online editor for our essays – This thing is a lifesaver, especially when dealing with various activities or assignments. There are some instances that some activities, especially writing essays, may give stress, resulting to the increase of fatigue and pain level. As a result, it obstructs our minds from thinking well when writing essays and doing our assignments. Using some free apps for online editing like Grammarly would help us detect spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Then, we can simply correct them once highlighted in the app.

With these tips and things cited above, we have some easy ways to cope with our condition while sending ourselves to school. We also have the means to study and learn from our chosen courses in college.